Chapter 6: Traveler

After some time had passed, Magna met five travellers in the roads of this world. They all pursued their own ambitions: One was searching for a cure for a relative, one wanted to destroy them to free the word, one longed to return to her former self, and another wanted to save a friend and his people. The last one just wanted to dominate.

The mage amongst them concealed her true ambition, but she could not hide it from Magna. They would find Regalia in Vell-Savaria but Magna did not want to interfere excessively in this world, even if the mage would eventually betray them all.

For the moment being, he would just watch the story of the ambitious mage and the innocent little girl.

Chapter 7: Mariabella’s burden

Once upon a time, a little girl was born in the beautiful city of Leginus. Her name was Mariabella. She was sick and doomed to perish, since her condition was well beyond the reach of the very best doctors of Attoractia.

The more time passed, the less interest her parents would have in her, especially after her brother was born. She had suffered long enough, and the following winter would be her last. So much pain the little body wasn’t strong enough to handle it, the girl cried out for help but no one came. She knew she won’t survive this, as she passed out.

There was so much pain that her little body did not have the strength to handle. The girl desperately cried out for help, yet no one would come. She knew that would be her last winter, this realisation coming as she passed out.

Chapter 8: The winged lord of Attoractia

There is a land known in Attoractia for being the home of the wingmen: Armalla.

It was once a fertile, beautiful land. However, it is being threatened by the land of the dead. Lord Magna sent his little angel to Armalla, infused with the power of Valhalla to help.

Pier, a friend of Arla, visited Vell-Savaria, where Magna gave him Artemis, the God‘s bow. The situation there is tense, even the little angels are getting ready for war. Something has been set in motion in the land of the dead.

Chapter 9: The End of the Beginning

Before Vampires fell over Attoractia, the Black City was ruled by Sigurd, the Covenant King. His last friend Rezzard had fought him, it had became the end of a friendship. Rezzard struck Sigurd down and became the new king of the Black City.

However, he transformed overnight his newfound realm into Niflheim, the realm of the dead. Despite what many had thought, Rezzard was not the king of the vampires, but Mikage Seijuro. The latter was subject to a powerful force who was looking for the power of Genesis.

In order to protect Attoractia against Niflhelm, Magna gifted Arla the Wings of an Archangel, one of the Regalia he had created. This power enabled Arla to raise Armalla up to the sky.

Magna had hoped that this new power would keep the world in balance, needing to get ready for the upcoming threat that loomed in the horizon.

Chapter 10: Wanderer

The history of Attoractia has changed in many ways since Magna visited this world. But he isn’t the only “wanderer“ to this world. There is a little girl named Alice who had followed someone called Blazer to this world, the latter being responsible for the destruction of her world.

Alice has met who will eventually become the Sacred Queen, Faria. Her light shall be the beacon of Gloria. Alice’s story has yet to come to as many other great stories.

However, she was not the only wanderer from Wonderland in Attoractia. There was also a girl with a black cat named Schrödinger, whom she will soon get to know.

Chapter 11: Mariabella’s blessing

Mariabella woke up in some kind of a lab in Leginus. She did not feel pain and was not suffering anymore. She couldn’t believe it at first.

A man came to her to check her. He did what no one else could: He had saved her life. But at what cost? He had replaced Mariabella’s insides with machines, which could only keep her alive for one year.

After checking up on her every day and repairing stuff, Machina was taking notes. She was a subject for his research, and after one month she had decided to become his apprentice.

She wanted to help him finish his project before the year ends. But to truly finish his project Mariabella would need to sacrifice something…

Chapter 12: One of a Thousand

There is one person in Attoractia who loves to tell stories, or how she calls them, “Heroic Epics“. Her name is Scheherazade.

She is a true wanderer, and at her side are Reflect and Refrain, a little boy and a little girl respectively, twins to be more precise. They were sent to this world by Adelbert to observe it.

The history of Attoractia is so fascinating for Scheherazade that it is worth adding to her other 1000. While Refrain finds this world interesting, her brother Reflect finds that there is nothing worth being highlighted. However, everybody has a change of heart every now and then.

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