Disclaimer: this is a novel interpreted by fans, based on the cards and novels from official Force of Will TCG material

written by Reiya Yorukaze & Jan Asberger; edited by Mauro Ferreiro.

Once upon a time, there was a divine dragon named Ragnarok, a mythical creature capable of travelling between dimensions and worlds at will.

One day, Ragnarok is chasing a comet which is heading towards Re-Earth, a beautiful and peaceful planet.

As the otherworldly creature visits their world, five heroes stand up to defend Re-Earth from this divine dragon’s invasion:

Oborozuki, Star Sword Visionary:
A stargazing seer who lives and studies the Stars at Starlit Canopy like her ancestors before her, along with the mysterious dragonoid maiden Flute.

“When she realized that her own destiny and the fate of this world are connected, she decided to embrace her future and carry her burden alone.“

Lilias, Last Descendant of Dragonoids:
The last descendant of her tribe, survivor of the genocide committed by the ancient emperor of Altea, Gill Alhama‘at.

She still travels around her homeland at mountain Hoelle, while continuously training the martial arts of her tribe.

“The survivor of the ruined nation of dragonoids, the last descendant.”

Selesta, Treasure Hunter:
A rogue who loves to explore ancient sites along with her little furry friend Kiki. She dreams of accessing more treasures of their world, and occasionally trade them for a fortune.

“Very serious and honest, researching and working harder than anyone else. But tell her about a treasure, and she is gone.“

Welser, the Progenitor of Magic:
The insensitive genius who is the headmaster of a magic academy called “Lykeion”, where he and his assistant Elixir are researching the secrets of their world’s magic.

“Many great talents graduated from his Magic Academy, but nobody would ever be as talented as Welser himself.“

Mikage Seijuro, Interdimensional Messenger:
A mysterious vampire from an unknown world, who has been following Ragnarok to Re-Earth and observing it for untold reasons.

“Mikage’s destiny brought him to this world. But Oborozuki will change his fate forever.”

Main Story

Note: we decided to keep this part the way it currently is, to have some space for future additions and revisions.

> Oborozuki is observing the stars as usual, notices a comet heading towards her planet.

> As the comet crashes on their planet, she rushes out to check it out.

> A dragon arises from the crash site.

> Selesta and Lilias arrive at the crash site as they follow the falling comet’s trail while travelling nearby the area.

> Oborozuki notices a fainted girl nearby the crash site and she quickly dashes forwards, in order to save the girl while the dragon is still dazed from the crash.

> Oborozuki takes the fainted girl into her care and invites Selesta and Lilias to her place at Starlit Canopy.

> As the fainted girl recovers at the canopy, she introduces herself as Reiya and explains to the others that the dragon’s name is Ragnarok.

> Reiya tells them that Ragnarok was chasing her borne “cursed” twin brother Tsuiya as they fled from their world. However, Tsuiya transferred his curse to her, which took away her borne “blessed” ability, meaning that Ragnarok now hunts her instead, and she fainted by the mere thought of it.

> Oborozuki decides to adopt the poor Reiya as her own child, as if her fate whispered to the Star-gazer.

> They decide to ask for Welser’s support from Lykeion Academy, in order to face this great challenge together.

> Meanwhile, Oborozuki notices that there is another extraterrestrial being observing everything from a distance.

> Oborozuki hands a letter to Selesta and Lilias, where she requests support from Lykeion and decides to confront this “extraterrestrial being” herself. She will leave Reiya under Flute’s caretaking before departing.

> As Oborozuki approaches the vampire who is looking over the situation, he introduces himself as Mikage Seijuro, an interdimensional messenger with the task to follow and observe Ragnarok.

> Oborozuki attempts to convince Mikage to help them to confront the dragon together for the fate of this world.

> Mikage accepts Oborozuki’s proposal, as he is intrigued by her character, and decides to break his role as “observer” to get involved. They both travel back to Starlit Canopy to discuss the plan.

> In the meantime, Selesta and Lilias get Welser and his assistant Elixir to the canopy and are getting ready to do something against the dragon and its minions.

> The whole party is having discussions about this dragon’s hunt quest. Oborozuki suggests that she will need vampiric-power to allow her to unleash the true power of her favourite blade, ”Ominous Moon”. Reiya volunteers with the blood of Mikage to improve her stamina in order to help during the battle and repay Oborozuki for her care.

> As Ragnarok’s roars echo through the world to command his summoned servants from everywhere to search for the cursed child, the heroes know there is not much time left until Ragnarok finds Reiya.

> While the heroes are readying for the fight, Oborozuki removes the Star’s Grace spell, which hides Reiya’s position, and lures the Dragon to their desired location. There, the heroes prepare their defenses.

> So the battle against the Dragon Lord Ragnarok begins. The party notices that this dragon is fighting instinctively and, despite having been injured before, this fight is not going to be an easy one.

> Spells clash, blades cross, and fists strike for hours. The fight does not seem to end at any time soon, but the heroes keep up their pressure against the dragon, while local forces attempt to fend the dragon’s servants off their land.

> Welser asks the party to help him distract the dragon, so that he can prepare his powerful wind spell to trap Ragnarok, and Oborozuki uses her vampiric-infused power to stab Ragnarok’s weak spot.

> The rest of the party are doing their very best to carry on their plans:

– Selesta keeps using her collections of treasures as if another day would not follow;

– Lilias is using her martial arts that were enhanced by Arle’s flame over and over again;

– Mikage and his daughters continue striking with their spells from the sky;

– Reiya is using Star’s Grace and running around Ragnarok to buy time for the others.

> As Welser focuses on even more magic while channeling his spell, the soulless Dragon realises Welser can’t move while doing so and throws a killing blast toward Welser.

> Elixir throws herself into the blast to stop it from hitting her secret love, which pierces through Elixir’s defensive spells, fatally hurting her.

> Welser witnessing Elixir dying, enrages to complete the spell to attack Ragnarok. As the dragon takes the hits, Oborozuki uses the power of her vampire side to charge her blade.

> As the effect of Welser’s spell diminishes, Oborozuki charges towards Ragnarok and strikes it down with the final blow. The dragon shrieks for one last time and then falls down to the ground lifelessly, along with its servants.

> After releasing his spell, Welser rushes towards the dying Elixir and together they witnesses the fall of the great dragon with tears.

> Elixir touches Welser’s face and with her dying breath, confesses her true love for him, after which Welser sacrifices half of his magic to save her life.


Though they succeeded in killing the fearsome dragon, its eternal power remained within the corpse. The five feared that its body would be sought out and fought over by various kingdoms, potentially from other worlds seeking its power, so they agreed to split the dragon’s power among themselves.

– Welser took the claw and used it to finalise the Magic Crest System, to preserve magic into it, inspiring countless magicians to join the academy and serving their world, including the Six Sages who would defend Re-Earth from the Cthulhu invasion in years to come;

– Seijuro drank its blood and gained the “Blood of Eternity”;

– Oborozuki took the “Eye of Foresight” and gained the power to see through time;

– Selesta took a part of Ragnarok as her greatest prize in her journey of treasure hunting. These legacies eventually passed down to her descendant “Grusbalesta”, one of the Six Sages;

– Lilias took a part of Ragnarok and continued her adventure on
Re-Earth along with a young fox which carried her deceased friend Arle’s soul;

Somewhere in the future, Oborozuki decided to perform the Time-Spinning Magic to undo the curse upon Reiya, asking Reiya to kill her afterwards, before being fully consumed by the Rule of Time-Spinning Magic.

Before Oborozuki dies, she entrusted her legacy to Reiya, and asked Seijuro to take care of Reiya from that moment onwards.

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