It’s the start of 2021, so let us have an in-depth look at what happened during the first few months of fowlibrary.
Keep in mind that we only recently started this endeavour and officially launched on August 1st, 2020.

So what do our website statistics tell us? Let’s start by having a look where most of our visitors came from:

As we can see, most players were from the USA and made up more than half of all our visitors and pageviews of last year. Since the Italian and French FoW scenes are bigger than the numbers here show us, we should be promoting our website in their local Facebook groups from now on, in order to make fowlibrary more visible to them.

United Kingdom is an unexpected guest in our top-10 and perhaps an indication to start publishing some Genesis format related content from now on here as well.

Let’s have a look at which countries complemented our top-20:

Some notable countries just missing top-20 were Belgium, Croatia and Sweden. It will be fascinating to see if these countries are able to sneak into top-20 in the coming months.

How did we do during the last 5 months? We’ve almost hit the 10 thousand visitors mark, with each visitor reading an average of 4.39 posts while browsing our content:

Not bad for our first 5 months, but there’s still a lot of room upwards. In order to understand the starting point of our visitors, let’s look at some referral websites statistics to see where our appearance is making the biggest impact:

It seems our posts on both Facebook and Reddit generate most of our visits, so we will continue to keep posting on these platforms in 2021. We even have some references from Twitter and YouTube as well and will be actively posting there as well from now on.

Of course we saved the most exciting part for last, where we will have a look at the articles which were visited most often:

Skipping ranks one and two (since they aren’t relevant here), we can see that the top authors (myself excluding) for 2020 were:

1. Jean-Paul Klintworth (My insights on the upcoming format) with 1504 hits
2. Lars Grams (Lars Grams’ Deck Tech Series – “Ragnarok”) with 925 hits
3. Alejandro del Valle (Wanderer in 2020 – State of the Game) with 523 hits
4. Ryan Miles (Top 5 Cards to put in decks you already have) with 330 hits
5. Minh Ha (Magna, the crazy killing machine and other crazy stuff) with 255 hits
6. Heiko Jacob (Force of Will – Deck Archetypes) with 215 hits
7. Kevin Spencer (FoW Grimoire: Deck Builder) with 196 hits
8. Reiya Yorukaze & Jan Asberger (Saga Novel) with 177 hits

Keep in mind though, that some of the articles above have been posted recently and could therefore still rise in rank. It will be fascinating to see what 2021 brings us and where fowlibrary will position itself within our Force of Will community.

Hope you found these statistics entertaining. Until next time!

Dennis “cybernijntje” van der Meijden

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