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Now I plan to hit a couple of clusters, then do a think piece on something else to loosen up the pacing of this series.  I will just start off by saying that this cluster, from an investment perspective, is probably the weakest.  As a player it had some of the more fun stuff, and even the broken, *cough* Reflect, Child of Potential (TTW-063) // Refrain, Child of Convergence (TTW-063J) *cough*.

If I were to tell you which sets would be the most likely to sit on and wait for, these wouldn’t be them.  Of course, I am telling which sets are most likely to see increase.  This cluster was a boon and a curse for the game.  I already covered the Starter decks in a previous article, and most of those are worth getting at under $10 to show people how to play, but not for anything else.  The Duel Deck is nice for the alternate art Guinevere, the Jealous Queen (TTW-027) and Lancelot, the Knight of Mad Demon (TTW-029), but even then at only under $20.

But on with the analysis.                   

SetAbrTCG LowTCG HighEbay LowEbay HighAmz LowAmz HighAvg
The Seven Kings of the LandsSKL48.8480.9354.99100.0044.9984.9969.12
The Twilight WandererTTW676759.95108.9899.8999.9983.80
The Moonlit SaviorTMS59.9589.9947.9983.9848.22180.0085.02
Battle for AttoractiaBFA26.0069.9929.9954.9928.0054.9943.99

Everyone gets a Crown!!!

The Seven Kings of the Lands was the first set in the cluster and added 10 rulers to the game, along with Regalia.  All of the main regalia was also in the starter decks.  This helped tank any real long-term value for those cards as singles.  This was also when the game started to pick up players, and it grew fast.  This added to the print and burn strategy that the old company seemed to have.

Being able to get boxes of a 5-year-old set for less than it was wholesale back then is a sure sign that there is little to no growth potential for it.  For that I give it a C+ to D-.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun set, but not for trying to make $$$ at in the long term.  Even with reprints in Alice Origins SKL didn’t get any help.  The older versions of cards weren’t in that high demand.

The Twilight Wanderer was the second set of the cluster and added a lot of distain from the player base.  Reflect, Child of Potential (TTW-063) // Refrain, Child of Convergence (TTW-063J) wasn’t the cause of this issue, many will say it was, the real problem was the lack of quick action from the company.  Had they banned the ruler faster, it might have saved the exodus that happened.  To be fair, they issued an errata kind of fast, but when she still showed her power after it, the ban should have come just as fast.

Add to this the mass printing along with the player loss and we still have a ton of this floating around.  The average price per box is higher than SKL, and for good reason, there are a lot of good cards in the set and it was the first to off the Uber variant of rulers.  So, out of the 4 sets of Alice cluster, this one has the potential to go up.  It’s still a C- in my book.

Some of the old versions are being sought after, and even got a small spike, like FA Ruler’s Memoria (TTW-102), but not enough to drive up the sealed products value.  Grab it below the average price if you can, but don’t expect a lot of movement on this one.

The Moonlit Savior powered down from TTW and had some fun stuff in it.  The downside is that if really didn’t have a ton of value.  Even the unique ruler of Yggdrasil, the World Tree (TMS-068) isn’t enough.  You can get some wood for about $5 as a single and in Full Art.  TMS has the highest average price out of all 4 sets, but only slightly and even then, that ain’t saying much.

It’s the most likely to see an increase out of the cluster, this might be because it appears to be harder to get.  It may have been due to being cracked more, printed less, who knows.  I give it a C for investing.  Not really a lot to say here, it is another meh set in a meh cluster.

I figured we needed a nice pic for the last set in the cluster, since that is about as good as we get.  Battle for Attoractia is among the worst sets of the game.  The rulers are basically unplayable, though 1 or 2 would become gimmick rulers in combo decks with future cards.  Black had 3 amazing cards in Riza, First of the Dead (BFA-074), Melder, Last of the Dead (BFA-071), and the too late to stop R&R Black Moonbeam (BFA-061).  Aside from that though the rest was mostly a dud. 

There was some added fairy support and it had success for an event or two, but that faded fast.  And Croco-Shark (BFA-032)…….. lots of sharks.  The average is $43 a box, and I think that is even too high.  I give it a D.  It’s a fun set to crack and play with friends, but offers very little financially, sealed or single wise.

Next time out we skip sealed and talk how to grow a player base from a broad perspective.

Dan Rowland
Top Scrub

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